Who We Are

MitigationMovement.org is more than a website. It’s a community created by and for members of the disaster mitigation movement to facilitate collaboration and cooperation.

Our Mission

To encourage participation, increase membership, exchange information and ensure coordination among the disaster mitigation community by empowering stakeholders with mitigation resources to advocate, educate, build, outreach and partner.

Our Commitment

Open source the Disaster Safety Movement.

At its core, open sourcing is simply the practice of creating resources that are then made freely available to others to use.  This is directly transferable to any movement, including the disaster safety movement. Open sourcing will allow members of the disaster safety movement to take advantage of the vast resources developed around the world and apply them locally.  Whether it’s a new outreach campaign or groundbreaking research findings, an open-source framework for sharing amplifies the reach of the work done daily to promote stronger, safer homes.